Stay Active All Winter Long!

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Cold weather makes all of us want to cuddle up and stay cozy inside. While that sounds nice, we do need to keep moving. Most of us have heard MOTION is LOTION, and it is true. It is more difficult to stay active in the winter, especially in Wyoming. Here are some quick tips to stay warm but active all winter long! 

Pull out those home exercise programs! If you have ever been to physical or occupational therapy you likely have some exercises your therapist sent home with you. Reintroduce those exercises into your daily routine. You only have to spend 15 to 20 minutes of your day working through the exercises. 

Set a timer to get up out of your chair every 20 minutes. Especially if you plan to sit for more than an hour. It is easy to lose track of time, so a timer can help keep you accountable. Our bodies are not meant to be sedentary, and we all have tasks or hobbies that keep us sitting for long periods of time. A short 5-6 minute break to walk around the house/office will get that blood flowing and help you feel better throughout the day. It will also help reduce stiffness. If the cold has you stiff, here are some tips on keeping limber!

Start simple indoor workouts, like dance or even sign up for a seasonal gym membership. Build a log book to track your workouts. Again it’s all about accountability! Moving for 20-30 minutes with some simple exercises can really help improve overall joint mobility.  

STRETCH, STRETCH, STRETCH! Like I mentioned above, we become more sedentary in the colder months. This sedentary lifestyle leads to stiff joints, and tight muscles. Simple yoga poses are a great way to increase your mobility.  

Finally, call your occupational or physical therapist and get back to therapy! Winter is a great time to work on activities that are challenging, or work toward your goals for the summer. We are experts on movement and activities of daily living. We can help you feel better during these cold winter months, and build a personalized home exercise program to continue to stay active long after you leave therapy.  

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