Patient Success Stories

Our patients are living fuller, happier lives thanks to the therapies we provide! Here are what some have to say about their experience working with Advance Therapy.

"It’s time to celebrate! Adrianna, Bri, and Ginny have worked tirelessly to reduce swelling in my body. Today, 18 pounds of fluid are gone! Trial and error—trying many different kinds of compression wraps has worked. They found one that I can dress myself, without asking for aid from someone else. It’s great to be independent." Cindy B.

"When I started here, I could barely turn my head side to side or do basic neck stretches. Light pressure anywhere on the right side of my head was painful and I had a headache 24/7. Three to four weeks at Advance Therapy—dry needling twice, moving the first rib, and lots of exercises, and I am 100% PAIN FREE and have complete range of motion!" Brittiny M.

"My range of motion in my neck is greatly improved. I was unable to turn my head to the left at one point, and my shoulder and neck area was very tight. Treatment from Advance Therapy has given me relief and a better quality of life. Thanks!" Amber H.

"These therapists were angels with “healing hands” that dramatically reduced the edema. They taught me the necessary techniques to continue to progress and be independent in edema management." Rosemary M.

"I came in one week ago for nerve issues. My symptoms have decreased by about 90% from my initial visit. I am so pleased and can’t wait to see where the next week takes me!! Peter has done an amazing job!" Connie R.

"I came to Advance Therapy for help with vertigo. I was to the point of being scared to go out on my own. I wouldn’t drive or ride my bike due to never knowing when the room would start spinning again. I’m now able to ride my bike, drive, roll over in bed, sit up in bed and just get up in the mornings without the whole room spinning. Thank you Brian and Advance Therapy!" Linda R.

"Thanks to your treatment plan & home exercises, I have been off my pain meds one week into treatment. I have been able to incrementally increase regular daily activities such as raking, lifting up my boys, and accomplishing my work tasks. Thank you!" Tyler G.

"Since Dax has started sensory camp, he has had tremendous growth with his social skills. Camp has taught him how to make a friend, how to keep friends, and how to interact with a friend. For the first time ever, he has created a friendship and tries his best to be kind and mindful towards his peers. It brings me joy to see him understand the value of a friend. He is becoming more aware of social cues! Camp has been such an enjoyable experience for both of us." Dax’s mom

"My range of motion has improved. I can complete my daily activities without any pain or discomfort. I am able to fall asleep easier and quicker without discomfort!" Kara S.

"Thanks to the diligence of Jade and Ginny, I can now use my shoulder to do everyday things: fix my hair, reach into cupboards, turn the steering wheel with both hands, put dishes away, and much, much more. You don’t know how much you use your prominent hand until you can’t! Thanks, gals!" DeAnne C.

"I have gained a great deal of benefit in a brief stint in physical therapy. I am getting more sleep without being woken up in pain, and can sit longer at work without pain. I also don’t have pain with prolonged standing or walking long distances." Margaret L.

"When I hurt my back, I had excruciating sciatica. I couldn’t walk, sit, drive, or even put on my shoes and socks. The only tolerable position was laying flat on my back. After these last few weeks of physical therapy, I can now accomplish everyday tasks pain-free." Carolyn R.

"I’ve had overall improvement including being able to play golf with no pain in my left hip and no pain when turning to my left. My gait and stride have improved greatly. Prior to PT, my stride was shorter and I walked with a slight limp. Now… none of that." Rex A.

"At first, I was skeptical about physical therapy because I didn’t think it would help, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. After working the program with my arm, all the original pain I had is completely gone! There is no pain at all! The limits I had getting through my day no longer exist, and my arm is back to its original state before my injury. I am so happy with my outcome and my end result couldn’t have been better." Brett T.

"I came in with a lot of pain in my elbow. I couldn’t throw without pain. After around six weeks, I feel a lot better and can even pitch for state baseball!" Luke K.

"When I first started coming, I was having chronic pain in my neck, shoulders, and back. With the exercises given, needling, adjustments, and massage, I can do things without pain and burning. I’m able to enjoy the things I used to before I injured myself. I am beyond grateful".  Rebecca S.

"What a difference! Before I started therapy, my low back was in constant pain. Almost immediately after Peter started dry needling my back, I noticed a lessening in pain. Each time adds to the improvement, and I’m easily 80-90% better. I went on a 5-mile hike yesterday and there’s no way I could have gone that far even a few weeks ago. I’m so thankful! Peter is truly awesome!" Carolyn K.

"My experience with Advance Therapy after MY FIRST visit has been INCREDIBLE!! Starting with Sanja at the front desk. Her friendly welcome and organized manner sets the positive tone right off the bat!! Emily and Kailey are enthusiastic interns, who are informative, smart and ask all the right questions to help solve your needs. I also feel lucky to have additional care and combined years of experience from Bri and Ginny!! It was so evident to me from Day 1 that my issues would be solved with the help of this knowledgeable and enthusiastic team!!!" Sherri G.

“I’ve been having problems with my neck and right shoulder for the better part of 4 years. I went to several doctors asking for help and I finally got sent to physical therapy. After the first week, the pain was gone and I can already feel the strength coming back in my arm and the numbness is also gone. The people here are caring and extremely helpful. If I ever need PT for anything else, I’m going to request to be sent back to these folks.” Charity K.

 “It is always a beneficial experience going to Advance Therapy. The therapists and interns are educated, kind, and encouraging.” Rita K.

“Before I came to Advance Therapy, I was having trouble lifting my shoulders and arms. I struggled to play ball with my grandkids. After four weeks of therapy, my motion is almost 100 percent. Now I can do the things I love to do.” Stan G.

“Today is my last day of PT. I’ll miss the people so much, but am so thankful for the care and resolve of my very painful neck. I feel totally healed and am going home with very clear exercises to keep me pain-free.” Shirlee T.

“When I started therapy, I had very limited neck movement and was in an extreme amount of pain. Several weeks later, I feel amazing! In fact, I am better than I was before my accident! I actually enjoy moving my body!” Jen S.

“I came to Advance after a major surgery with almost no use of my right arm. I am glad to be able to have functionality again and do most daily activities. The staff here has gone above and beyond to make me feel comfortable and gain my function back.” Jeremy M.

“I have rejoined a gym and am back to lifting weights and using the cardio machines! Long car trips no longer cause low back and leg pain. I’m so thankful for the work Brian and Alexandra have provided me so I can get back to doing the things I love!” Becky D.

“I have the tools and resources I never had before coming here. It’s nice to have some options now, whereas before, I just had to suffer through. Advance teaches you how to empower yourself versus being a helpless victim to your disease!” Monica L.