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Advance Therapy provides physical and occupational therapy services to clients of all ages and functional levels. We specialize in pain management, hand therapy, and industrial rehab solutions

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What is Industrial Rehab?

Industrial rehabilitation is a collection of specialized services designed to aid an injured worker in safely returning to employment following an injury, illness or surgery. Additionally, many companies pre-test their candidates to ensure the candidate meets the physical requirements of the position.

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What ARE the BENEFITs?

Pre-employment screenings ensure that your candidates can meet the physical demands of their potential positions, reducing the risk of injury. Our skilled rehab and return to work services focus on building job-specific skills to help injured workers return to work more efficiently and safely. Additionally, our staff training and education programs are designed to prevent injuries. Employers who use our services typically experience a reduction in Worker's Compensation claims, lost work, and less financial impact on their business as a whole.


We are dedicated to helping our clients and affiliated companies succeed! Our services are comprehensive, from preemployment screenings to functional capacity evaluations and everything in between!

Ergonomic Evaluations

Assessment of tool use, body mechanics, work environment, and best practices to avoid injury in the workplace

Staff Training

Can include ergonomic training, body mechanics training, or specific training per the company's request

Assessing the worker for skills that apply to other positions in the company if they are unable to meet the requirements of their previous position